Two Track Malting began as an idea on how to create added value to what was literally grown in our backyard.  After a year of planning and a little bit of crossing our fingers we started producing malt for craft brewers and distillers.  Over the years we have grown and are excited to keep growing to supply customers both near us and far.

Two Track Malting sources its grains primarily from two farms in ND.

Stober Farms in Goodrich, ND is a 6th generation family farm and is where Two Track Malting received its first batch of raw grain to turn into malt.  Stober Farms continues to grow barley for Two Track Malting and is in the heart of barley country in ND.

Arrow K Farms, located in Belfield, ND grows our Astro White Wheat and Brewski 2 Row Barley.  Located near the Badlands in southwestern ND, Arrow K Farms specializes in producing high quality grains and serves as a seed supplier to other farmers in the region.

In between both farms sits the malting facility located in Bismarck/Lincoln, ND.  Two Track Malting’s location serves to shorten the supply chain between the farm and the malting facility.  As North Dakota’s only malt house this provides an option for other farmers to grow grains for Two Track Malting as we continue to expand our operations.

We take great pride in our roots to North Dakota and love the fact that we get to turn grain grown near us into high quality malt.  What we have set up with embodies our Field to Pint motto and we look forward to deepening our roots in North Dakota.

If you’re interested in learning more about who we are or you’re interested in purchasing product feel free to reach out to us at the contact form below. 

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