American Wheat Kit


American Wheat beer is how we spell refreshment!  A simple, yet satisfying brew that lets our craft malt shine through, balanced by the citrus and pine notes of Heer Cascade hops.  Our kits are the only ones you’ll find that contain 100% North Dakota malt and hops.  At Two Track, we grow the barley and make the malt ourselves.  The hops are grown by Heer (pronounced “Hare”) Hops, a small family-run hops farm near Hazelton, North Dakota.  Cheers!


The Kit


5 lbs. Brewski Pale Malt 

3 lb. Astro White Wheat Malt 

2.8 gallons mash water 

2.8 gallons sparge water 

Crush malt and mash in with 2.8 gallons of hot water to achieve a mash temperature of 152°F to 154°F.  Let mash rest for one hour while heating sparge water.  Add sparge water to mash and recirculate based on the design of your system to achieve nearly clear wort.  Top up wort to just over 6 gallons to allow for one gallon of evaporation during boil.  Bring wort to a boil and add hops according to the schedule below.


1 oz. Heer Cascade hop pellets (in boil for 15 min.) 

1 oz. Heer Cascade hop pellets (in boil for 5 min.) 

At end of boil chill wort down to 65°F to 75°F and transfer to a sanitized fermenter with vigorous splashing to achieve good aeration.   


One packet Safale USO5 dry ale yeast 

Starting Gravity = 1.035 to 1.045 specific gravity in 5 gallons 

Sprinkle the contents of the yeast packet onto the surface of the cooled wort, seal the fermenter with a lid or stopper and airlock.  Fermentation should begin in 24 – 48 hours and continue for one week.  Allow beer to ferment until clear and airlock activity ceases.  Rack beer to keg and force carbonate or prime with 5 oz. white table sugar (or corn sugar) and bottle.  Allow beer to condition for one week before chilling and serving.