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In this box you will find our Brewski Pale, Brewski Dakota, Astro White Wheat, Rye, Denhoff and Bakken. The Brewski malts are make from a barley verity designed by North Dakota State University. The AKF Astro White Wheat along with Brewski is grown by Arrow K farms in Belfield North Dakota and only malting by Two Track Malting in Lincoln, ND. The Rye is grown locally here in North Dakota and is a special once a year batch Two Track does for the brewers. Denhoff and Bakken are made from a verity of barley call Copeland which is a 2-Row barley. This barley is grown by the Stober Farm in Goodrich, ND. Denhoff is a full-flavored malt without the dark color it’s great for those amber or darker beers, it’s a malt that stands alone in the malt world. Bakken is a Kilned Caramel Malt with a color of 104 SRM. This give any darker beer the color and flavor you expect.

Now on to the hops, all the hops in the box come from local hop farms in North Dakota. One of the farms that is currently used in the box is Heer Farms. Heer Farms is located in Hazleton, ND and David and Char Heer are a local family farm that started in 2016 and had their first harvest for breweries in 2019. The hops they grow give you a taste not found in hops from any other state. They give off great flavors that round out your Craft Homebrew Recipe Box.


The BoxThis box allows you to create your own recipe. We have provided a sample of malts where the base recipe will be 6lbs Pale and 4lbs Dakota. This can be brewed with without adding and other malts just pick your Boil schedule. But if you would like to add different flavors to the beer you can pick from the other malts included to add to your mash. Yes you can add all the malts included in the box and just pick what boil schedule you want. Adding Wheat or Rye into the mash can add to the body and flavor of the finished Beer. Denhoff will give you some roasted flavors without adding a lot of color, while Bakken is a Kiln Caramel Malt with a dark 100 SRM color.


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