Located in the heart of barley country in North Dakota, Two Track Malting grows a variety of grains on our 6th generation family farm and produces small batch craft malt with state-of-the-art equipment. All of our malt comes with complete traceability, down to the field where it was grown, which translates into additional marketing opportunities for your brewery. Traceability allows your brewery to identify with the farmer because you know exactly where your ingredients were grown and harvested. We like to call that Field to Pint™.

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Two Track Malting grows grain on our Stober Family farm which then goes through the malting process by steeping, germinating and kilning the grain to produce malt. We see a significant opportunity to provide craft brewers with malt that can be customized to a specific recipe and also provide traceability so brewers can share the story of where the grain comes from to differentiate their product from their competition.


we know where the grain comes from, even down to the two track roads farmers use in their field.




CBC 2018 – Nashville here we come!

Nashville here we come! If you are planning on attending the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville in 2018 be sure to swing by our booth #2047. Have not personally been to Nashville before so excited for the beer, music and BBQ! Make sure to swing over to our booth to...

We have expanded!

Two Track Malting is excited to announce that we have officially expanded our production due to growing demand.  Since we got back from the Craft Brewers Conference in DC we have been working hard on expanding our production capabilities.  This process took a little...

Visit us in April

  Two Track Malting will be at booth #654 at the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC from April 11th-13th.  If you are attending the show make sure to come visit with us and learn more about our craft malting and the Field to Pint movement.