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Our goal is to provide you with the best craft malt so you can craft your best beer or spirits.


By malting grain grown by the farmers that are also part of our company, we provide traceability down to the field where the grains were grown, and the farmer who grew them Our story is unique in the world of craft malt. We are the only craft malt company that grows our grains in a regenerative manner, then vertically integrates them by producing highquality craft malt from Field to Pint™ and Field to Spirit™.

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Our Farms

Two Track Malting is located in the heart of North Dakota, where the majority of barley and other grains we malt are grown.  Two Track Malting sources grains primarily from our two partner family farms, Arrow K Farms and Stober Farms.  Both of these farms produce grain grown without irrigation while practicing regenerative agriculture. This results in the highest quality grain grown along with a positive environmental impact. 


Arrow K Farms

Owned by Greg and Stacey Kessel, Arrow K Farms is a family operated business a few miles east of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and just west of Belfield, North Dakota.  Arrow K Farms started in 1980 and has evolved into a thriving local seed and malt grains business.  Arrow K Farms produces a variety of crops in a non-irrigated and regenerative crop rotation including: barley, dry peas, corn and wheat.  They have developed their own varieties of forage barley, hull-less food barley, malt barley (Brewski two-row), and hard white spring wheat (AKF-Astro white wheat).

Stober Farms

Stober Farms is located near Goodrich, North Dakota since 1901.  Currently operated by John Stober (4th generation) and Donovan Stober (5th generation) they take great pride in growing barley for Two Track Malting.  Their crops are also grown in a non-irrigated and regenerative way to actually build soil for future generations.

Our Malting Facility

The Two Track Malting facility is located in Lincoln, North Dakota, between Arrow K Farms to the west, and Stober Farms to the north.  Two Track Malting is the exclusive maltster of Brewski two-row barley and AKF-Astro white wheat.  Two Track Malting produces up to fifteen tons of malt per batch in its 9,000 square foot workspace.  By producing relatively small batches, we can control the malting process to tight specifications resulting in superior quality malt.