We have cracked the code!  We have been working on a very special project with our friends over at NDSU to develop a 2-row barley variety developed specifically for the craft brewing industry.  Testing is complete and the results are awesome, and we are proud to introduce Brewski, our own 2-row barley variety.  Brewski is grown in western ND near the Badlands and offers a nice plump kernel with higher efficiencies and faster lautering. 

We are excited to announce we are switching over our two most popular malts, Okefenokee Pale and Badlands Pilsner to our Brewski 2-row variety. 

One of the issues with single origin malt is that we do not blend malts to hit certain parameters as that takes away from the terroir factor and traceability which we feel is extremely important in knowing where your ingredients come from.  Brewski address these issues by providing excellent extracts without the need to blend malts to hit the numbers that brewers are looking for and allows you to brew with a true Field to Pint product.  Two Track Malting is the only one in the world growing and malting Brewski and we are beyond excited to share this with you. 

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