At Two Track Malting we understand that there are many sources of malt and that the craft brewing market is becoming increasingly competitive. Our goal is to help you differentiate your craft beer and spirits by using our highest quality malt and detailed information about where our malt comes from. You’re making a craft product and our goal is to provide you with the best craft malt.


At Two Track Malting we also understand that producing consistent malt is a critical component for any recipe.  We constantly monitor throughout our malting process and use state of the art equipment to ensure that our malt exceeds your expectations.  Our equipment allows us to produce consistent malt and achieve flavor characteristics that are unique to our company.  We believe that great beer starts with great ingredients and that you should know where your ingredients come from.

Our Team

Jared Stober


Tyler Unger

Assistant Maltster

Donovan Stober

CFO / Farmer

Greg Kessel


Chris Fries

COO / Maltster / Home Brewer

John Stober

Sales / Farmer